During the summer Jim and I have been trimming trees around the village; this was initially to allow the refuse trucks and other large vehicles to drive around the roads without hitting the trees. We went on to reduce overhangs above the car parks, improve visibility down the A64 for drivers leaving the village, and generally tidy up where the branches were too low. Most recently we trimmed the trees alongside the playing field.

We have been doing this cautiously, so that the changes are gradual, and never dramatic, with the overall aim of keeping the trees and the village looking at their best. We will be continuing this work when time permits.

You may be aware that some of the trees in the village have Tree Preservation Orders on them. These include the trees near the A64, the woodland with the nature trail and several trees in the vicinity of the junction at the entrance to the village. The orders mean we are not allowed to do much to the trees, without first obtaining permission from the Tree Officer at Ryedale District Council. There can be quite serious fines if certain work is done without permission.

The Tree Officer came to visit the village in the summer together with the Countryside Officer who has experience with tree management plans, having worked previously for the Woodland Trust.

It was a useful meeting, and we are now going to prepare a management plan for all the village trees, including those in the SSSI, near the River Derwent. It is expected that the plan will take some time to complete and we are anxious to have input from any interested people in the village. I will report our progress on this, from time to time, in the Newsletter.

Written by Peter Roberts

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