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The construction of 12 new homes was completed this morning.  These homes will be available to suitable tenants on a first come first served basis and will be subject to a lease period of 1 year.

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Great Tits and Blue Tits should seek the opportunity to occupy these properties as soon as they can by searching them out around the village.

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The village bonfire celebrations will take place on Saturday 5th of November at the Paddocks.

The Paddocks gate has been unlocked to allow you to place suitable material on the fire.

Details of times and costs will be supplied as soon as they become available.

Back in July we proposed the 22nd September (today) for an AGM. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, this is not going to be possible. We will announce a new date as soon as we can, and send out the necessary papers a few weeks in advance of the meeting. We’re sorry to have to postpone at the last minute like this.


During the summer Jim and I have been trimming trees around the village; this was initially to allow the refuse trucks and other large vehicles to drive around the roads without hitting the trees. We went on to reduce overhangs above the car parks, improve visibility down the A64 for drivers leaving the village, and generally tidy up where the branches were too low. Most recently we trimmed the trees alongside the playing field.

We have been doing this cautiously, so that the changes are gradual, and never dramatic, with the overall aim of keeping the trees and the village looking at their best. We will be continuing this work when time permits.

You may be aware that some of the trees in the village have Tree Preservation Orders on them. These include the trees near the A64, the woodland with the nature trail and several trees in the vicinity of the junction at the entrance to the village. The orders mean we are not allowed to do much to the trees, without first obtaining permission from the Tree Officer at Ryedale District Council. There can be quite serious fines if certain work is done without permission.

The Tree Officer came to visit the village in the summer together with the Countryside Officer who has experience with tree management plans, having worked previously for the Woodland Trust.

It was a useful meeting, and we are now going to prepare a management plan for all the village trees, including those in the SSSI, near the River Derwent. It is expected that the plan will take some time to complete and we are anxious to have input from any interested people in the village. I will report our progress on this, from time to time, in the Newsletter.

Written by Peter Roberts


Crambeck Village is now in festive mood. Coloured lights around the village are a welcoming sight to residents and visitors alike.

On a milder than usual winter day, Santa Claus paid his traditional visit to Crambeck to lead the carols and switch on the Christmas lights.

The Christmas carols were accompanied by Colin (on keyboard) and Tegan on (Saxaphone), to keep us singers on track. After the switch-on, atmospheric lighting led everyone up towards the paddock, where the village shed had been magically transformed into Santa’s grotto.

One by one, the children visited Santa Claus and his Elf-helper, to tell him of their Christmas wishes, and each received a small gift to take home. Meanwhile the adults without kids were kept occupied with Mulled wine, Mince pies and Chocolate Brownies, kindly provided by people around the village.

It was a magical start to the Christmas season and we were most grateful that Santa Claus could fit us into his busy schedule

This is one of the regular events organised by Crambeck’s Sports and Social Club.
We appreciate the help given by many residents. We would be grateful for any helpers who could come along to help take down the Christmas lights on 5th January at 11am.